Another Hoenn Pokemon! This one is definitely a cool Pokedoll to add to your collection.

Metagross Pokedoll (2009, US).


Shoutout to all the people with disorders other than depression/anxiety who get no recognition or support


I’m fond of how Ness arrives on scene in smash bros via teleport… why don’t they just put him in ssb4?? gosh


 Friends went out yesterday. I wasn’t invited so I drew a somewhat grumpy looking Ness.


Me: *doggy paddles* “make us free na splash kasaneta”

I feel like everyone should be aware of the fact that Tommy Wiseau has a goal of living to “maybe 200” and I have no doubt in my mind that he will do it by the sheer power of being Tommy Wiseau.

The Legend of Zelda iPhone 5 Wallpaper Backgrounds requested by going1582

Feel free to use. Since this is my first time making wallpaper, I didn’t use all of the games. Hopefully you guys like what you see, I’ll be happy to make more. If you plan to use these for your phones, please message me and tell me what you think.


I went ahead and updated Zach’s demon’s design. So, here is the new Gamigin. He’s still a strange aquatic baphomet, just with a prettier face.